03 May to 31 May 2008

Yvonne Lammerich

Diaz Contemporary is pleased to present Toronto-based artist Yvonne Lammerich’s firstsolo-show with the gallery. Belief explores Lammerich’s sustained interest in problemsof knowing and investigates the simultaneity of experience within the perception of bothprojected space and the navigation through real space. While Lammerich’s focus is onthe act of seeing as it is informed by broader sense experience, it is most particularlydirected towards the relationship between seeing and forming, between imagined andreal - a fluid time and space zone of intersecting emotive states that is the shiftingground on which our beliefs and projections rest.

The new works in this exhibition are drawn from Lammerich’s address to painting. AndyPayne characterizes this address as an interrogation of commonly held experience inorder “to insist on the multivalent materiality of aesthetic experience.” Lammerichliterally pulls painting apart in a series of manoeuvres – propositions – that lay before us the operations of its power.

Based in Montreal for many years, Yvonne Lammerich studied art and art history and has lived and worked in Canada and Europe, with exhibitions both here and abroad. Selected exhibitions include: L’Algèbre D’Ariane (galérie Dar Dar, Montreal, 2000), Peinture Peinture (curated by René Blouin and Christiane Chassay, 1998) and the first Quebec International Biennale (2000) in which Lammerich presented Problems of Knowing #1 and #2.