05 June to 05 July 2008

Christian Giroux & Daniel Young
Boole/War Game

Diaz Contemporary is pleased to present Christian Giroux and Daniel Young’s second solo-show with the gallery. Giroux and Young will exhibit two new projects in an exhibition titled Boole / War Game.

Boole is a group of sculptures made from precision fabricated sheet metal enclosures developed in a formal dialogue with pieces of Ikea furniture. Colliding objects from the domestic realm with an industrial mode of manufacturing, the world of the commodity and the component, Boole exists in conversation with the spirit of contemporary modernism. The title of their new body of sculpture Boole is derived from the term used to describe the basic 3D computer modeling operations of addition and subtraction of simple forms in the generation of more complex ones.

War Game is a large digital drawing formatted like the storyboard of a film. The depicted sequence of 103 shots details a three-minute scene from the beginning of the 1982 film War Games, in which two soldiers in a silo receive the order to launch a Nuclear strike. Entombed in a bunker in which architecture is conflated with apparatus, the figures have been altered to appear as two versions of the same man. The cinematic experience of the beginning of a nuclear war locates it in the technical, or the man-machine interface.