Corwyn Lund

Corwyn Lund’s artwork explores the intersection of sculpture and site in dynamic physical relationship to the viewer. His projects across installation, photography, and video, are unified as a sculptural practice. Lund’s public art projects, both unauthorized and commissioned, co-opt existing architectural structures to examine the poetics and politics of urban space. His gallery-based projects utilize furniture, and furniture-like objects, to mediate between the viewer’s experience of self and the given exhibition space.

Currently based in Toronto, Corwyn Lund has moved deftly between public art projects and gallery-based exhibitions over the past 10 years. Complementing his interdisciplinary education in art, design, and architecture, he has participated in artist residencies in Banff and the Netherlands. Lund’s work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, including Montreal, Chicago, Cuba, and Germany, and is included in several private, public, and corporate collections. With the support of a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, Corwyn will be conducting travel research and studio practice in Europe, China, and Brazil in 2014 and 2015.