18 July to 17 August 2013
Opening Thursday 18 July from 6 to 8

Rodney LaTourelle

Rodney LaTourelle’s installations occupy an intersection of architecture and visual art and explore affective relationships between colour and space. Chromakenón repurposes a myriad of display structures to explore how colour can manipulate and re-create spatial experience. Viewers are invited to reposition the angles of Chromakénon’s numerous coloured panels, with each adjustment changing the light and colour reflected into the surrounding space. Also dependent on current lighting conditions and viewing angle, each experience of Chromakénon is consequently unique.

Chromakenón, which combines the Latin word for ‘colour’ with the Greek word for ‘endless space’, offers at once a visual, physical and social viewing experience. LaTourelle explores the created relationship of our own presence and perception within an architectural space whilst also situating this contemporary moment of experience within a canon of art historical concerns, such as painting optics, abstraction, and projection of painting into a three dimensional space.

Rodney LaTourelle is originally from Winnipeg, but is currently based in Berlin. He received his Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Manitoba. In addition to an extensive art practice, LaTourelle is also an accomplished writer, critic, exhibition designer and art director. Previous solo exhibitions include: Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Optica in Montreal, Centre de design at Université du Québec à Montréal, Gallery 1C03 at University of Winnipeg, PlugIn ICA in Winnipeg, SKC Belgrade in Serbia, and Program in Berlin. LaTourelle has also been involved in numerous public art projects, with recent projects at the HOFA Hotel School in Berlin and the Higgins Underpass in Winnipeg. His work is represented in private and public collections such as the National Gallery of Canada and the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean in Luxembourg.