8 September to 16 October 2010

Ricardo Rendón
Formulating Experience

Formulating Experience presents a series of sculptures and interventions in the gallery space made of manipulated industrial felts. Trimmed in organic shapes and perforated by hand, the different works appear as testimony of various procedures, wherein diverse actions are performed and documented through the transformation of places and things. The gallery becomes a setting determined by the creative experience, not just by its completed results.

Rendón is interested in the tools and products of physical labour, construction and industry, and their relation to the meaning of work and to the creative process.  He manipulates his materials into symbols that reflect the procedures they have endured, so that an understanding of the time and effort involved is part of the viewer’s experience.   In the completed works, there is a preservation of the fleeting moments of their progressive development.

“Ricardo Rendón proposes an epic that assaults architectures and objects equally…. His work includes reflections that go from the micro to the macro, continuously restituting the work of the artist by its execution in a direct dialogue with the edification – construction… Rendón constructs an aesthetic derived from the Hegelian dialectic of the master and the slave, determining that the truly free individual will be the slave. This last one is the one who works with the objects, learning to be different from them by their manipulation and transformation.” (Lourdes Morales, 2009)

Ricardo Rendón has achieved international awards and recognition.  His works have been exhibited in many important contemporary art forums and belong to contemporary art collections including the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation CIFO - Miami, The Jumex Collection - Mexico City, and Fondation Daniel Langlois - Quebec. Recent solo exhibitions include Prácticas De Operación at Nueveochenta Gallery in Bogotá, Colombia, Zona en Construcción, at the Museo Experimental El Eco, UNAM, and Making Evidence at the Mitterrand+Sanz Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland and the JGM Galérie in Paris, France. This is his second solo show at Diaz Contemporary.  Since 2005 Rendón has been teaching at the National Center of the Arts. He lives and works in Mexico City.