02 August to 01 September 2007

Group Sculpture Show

The Group Sculpture Show at Diaz Contemporary includes a selection of works by sculptors working in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Mexico City. The show presents a wide spectrum of stylistic, formal and conceptual tendencies and highlights diverse approaches to materials and techniques that challenge preconceived notions of contemporary sculpture-making.

Mowry Baden, Michelle Bellemare*, Daniel Borins & Jennifer Marman, James Carl, Carlo Cesta, Patrick Coutu**, Christian Giroux & Daniel Young, Allison Hrabluik, Kristiina Lahde, Ricardo Rendon, Andrew Reyes, Francine Savard**, Oona Stern, Flavio Trevisan, Dallas Wehrle.

*Michelle Bellemare appears courtesy of Peak Gallery, Toronto
**Patrick Coutu and Francine Savard appear courtesy of Galerie Rene Blouin, Montreal