06 September to 13 October 2007

Francisco Castro
Variations on a Theme

Diaz Contemporary is pleased to present Francisco Castro’s second solo-show with the gallery. Following his Serie Hiedra (Ivy Series) exhibition of 2005, Variations on a Theme continues to explore Castro’s interest in geometric abstraction, particularly the constructed variations of the grid composition.

Castro’s practice falls into a “configured” abstraction, dedicated to structures more than to Euclidian geometry, admitting smears, stains, pencil marks and controlled accidents that seen as a whole give the impression of coherence and rigor.

Castro’s new paintings take their point of departure from those exhibited in 2005. The works are centered on a freer yet sustained use of structural relations and are now executed in a bolder use of color not previously explored by the painter. Departing from the previous color scheme, Castro introduces bright reds, mildewed whites, mustard yellows and chalky blacks to his canvases.

Castro continues to explore the possibilities of “displacements,” generating unpredictable encounters in the apparent rigidity of his compositions. New formats and pictorial solutions now strive to establish spaces of dialogue that make apparent Castro’s variations on a theme, maintaining a sense of both tension and equilibrium.

As the foremost abstract painter of his generation in Mexico, Francisco Castro continues to exhibit widely in North America and Europe. His work is held in numerous public and private collections including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art (New York City), the San Antonio Museum of Art and The Jumex Collection (Mexico City).