12 January to 11 February 2006

Untitled: Thoughts about sound, music, silence & confusion
Curated by: Kelly Mark

The exhibition ‘Untitled: Thoughts about sound, music, silence, and confusion’ brings together works by international artists that explore the world of the auditory in different ways. Silent, quoting the unheard, obscuring the familiar, and remixing the known, these pieces make allusions to the dissolution of sound while simultaneously revelling in it. Assembled under the name of Untitled this group show adopts the trope of a non-name that speaks volumes, underscored by its subtitle that fills in all the blanks and expands the notion of a meaningful absence.

The video works Trilogy (2000) by Scottish duo Beagles & Ramsay open-up the quotidian and melancholic possibilities of some of Madonna’s more heartfelt lyrics. Toronto artist Pete Gazendam’s There Shall be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth (2001) is a soundwork that recreates the stirring spiritual lyrics of a familiar hymn in a more eerily earthy medium than the human voice, while Laurel Woodcock shows graphically compelling iterations of the empty quote. Dave Dyment’s White Noise is a visually lyrical silkscreen in which he has condensed the sheet music for every track on the Beatles’s eponymously titled double album (commonly called The White Album), accompanied by an audio piece in which Dyment has stretched or condensed every track on the album to the same duration and played them simultaneously to create a wall of sound.

Toronto artist Kelly Mark is known for her internationally exhibited wry and poignant work. Concomitant to her artistic praxis she organises group exhibitions of artwork she finds relevant and engaging.