15 June to 23 July 2006

Georgina Bringas & Ricardo Rendón
Measurements & Process

It is with pleasure that Diaz Contemporary presents the first Canadian solo exhibitions of young, Mexico City-based, emerging artists Georgina Bringas and Ricardo Rendón.

Georgina Bringas’s practice operates under her overarching investigation into the units and measurements that have been devised as ways in which to quantify time, space, and the things that reside within them. She creates gorgeously spare video, sculpture, sound, and installation works that examine how these standards are codified and manufactured, and takes particular interest in their potential relationship to each other, and to the physical body; Bringas renders the empirical metaphysical.

For her first exhibition with the gallery, Georgina is showing a series of site-specific works that take into account the particular means of measure to be found in Canada and the gallery, creating comparisons, and searching for meaningful results.

Ricardo Rendón creates sculpture and installation works within the rubric of his ongoing project Forced Labor. Starting from the conceptual touchstone of the work executed by. e.g. chain gangs as being work without meaning, performed as a filler for idle time, Rendón applies the materials and methods of common labour practices to his art production, mining the aesthetic from the workaday.

In Measures and Process, Rendón shows new works created while in Canada, using elements drawn from construction sites and reclamation stores, and materials imported from Mexican hardware stores blended with those bought in Toronto. Rendón terms his pieces sculptural events that focus on the aesthetic of the materials, methods, and output of ordinary labour practices. In this way he gives meaning to his own creative output, and configures his investigation into one on the meaning of art making.