16 September to 29 October 2005

Inaugural Group Show

The Inaugural Group Show includes works by Marco Arce, David Armstrong-Six, Mowry Baden, Fernanda Brunet, Horacio Cadzco, James Carl, Francisco Castro, José Leon Cerrillo, Carlo Cesta, Christian Giroux & Daniel Young, Thomas Glassford, Saul Gomez, Kristan Horton, Alexander Irving, Olia Mischenko, Ben Reeves, Ricardo Rendon, Andrew Reyes, Tony Romano, Diego Teo, Yvonne Venegas and Robert Youds.

Works in sculpture, photography, painting, and drawing will be included, such as a new piece by established Canadian artist Robert Youds who has produced a transcendent lightbox for the exhibition.

Also included is one of Victoria artist Mowry Baden's seminal mattress works, Ever Pronating (1995) - a playfully metaphysical work. Toronto artist Kristan Horton is presenting a diminutive, liminally precious piece made from a chocolate bar wrapper's gold foil, Credit Rubbing (2005) furthering his enquiries into the ephermeral nature of that which we value.

Coming from Mexico's strong painterly tradition, the abstract work Blanco y Azul (Blue and White), 2004, by mid-career artist Francisco Castro plays againts Saul Gomez's abstract 'painting' executed with bubblegum on canvas, Untitiled, 2005)