Fernanda Brunet

Brunet’s paintings are inspired by Japanese comic books; the artist transforms the black and white graphics into the language of abstract painting and wildly disperses those representations on the canvas. The details of Brunet’s work appear in diverse formats- from the miniscule flower bud to the grand boulder- each of which are viewed as fragments of an expansive, delirious universe in chaos.

With titles like Swashsh and Zzzrraak, Brunet’s explosive yet controlled gestural paintings harbor an enthusiastic post-Pop sensibility recalling those comic book paintings by Roy Lichtenstein in a painterly Japanese anime style.

Brunet’s use of an explosive, organic and empowering visual language harbors sexual undertones and analogies to the female body. In light of Brunet’s earlier work that appropriated hardcore pornography and landscapes of erupting volcanoes, her recent works continue to stimulate an erotic tendency but in regressed form.