Georgina Bringas

Georgina Bringas’ works forge a personal relationship to everyday standardized measurements, units and calculations. She comes to understand her surroundings through the evaluation of numerical expressions as an evocative approach to the world and how it operates.  Springing from the idea that to measure is to learn, Bringas better understands her environment through her artistic process. She creates meaningful reflections on space, distance, and time. In a recent series entitled Linear Journey, comprising of twelve square and circular canvases, Bringas embroiders thread of various standardized lengths, resulting in a gradation of tonal quality from canvas to canvas.  The meticulous application of thread contributes not only to the formal qualities of the work, but also to its conceptual attributes. 

Mexico City-based Georgina Bringas has exhibited throughout Mexico and abroad.  She has participated in recent exhibitions at Berlin’s Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2005), Washington DC’s Cultural Center BID (2003), and Rome’s IILA Video Art Competition (2003).