Ricardo Rendón

Ricardo Rendón’s interest in the artistic process seeks to uncover motivation and answer the question, “Why do we create?” Whether spontaneous or intentional, random or controlled, to Rendón there is no correct answer, but only evolutions of forms that are constantly changing. His creative practice and its outcomes are treated together as a work of art, integrated by events and eventualities charged with the collective spark of their perpetual ignition.

Ricardo Rendón, who lives in Mexico City, works with a wide range of media including installation, sculpture, multimedia, video and sound art.  He has an extensive exhibition record – both in Mexico and abroad – and has received international recognition and awards.  His works have recently been exhibited at ARCO 2005, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (2005), the Cultural Center of Mexico in Paris (2005), Videobrasil, Videolisboa (2003), Mexico City’s Tamayo Museum (2003), and the Carrillo Gil Arts Museum, Mexico City (2003).